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  • "I'm so happy with our new Boba X! My little one is 3 months old and hasn't liked any of the wrap style carriers but loves to sleep upright on my chest. This has been perfect. She's falling asleep faster and I can soothe her much better than in our more structured carrier. It's also really comfortable for me, and it was even after only a few wears. The hood is the same soft fabric as the carrier itself and is great for blocking light but keeping a good flow of air. Thank you Boba X!"


  • "This is my second Boba, bought it for a friend. I couldn’t survive without mine. I’ve used it on the same outing for both my 10 week old and my two year old who refused to use her buggy board. Really comfortable for both parent and child"


  • "My husband and I were so happy with the wrap we purchased for our little one on its way. The fabric is phenomenal, soft, elastic just the right amount and so supporting. We can't wait to use it!"


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