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Boba Wrap Trikotnik

Boba Baby Wrap Carrier Trikotnik

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Three interconnected triangles on a neutral gray. This wrap will give you a little texture and match whatever you are wearing. Triangles are simple but deep...

More about this design ...

Three interconnected triangles on a neutral gray. This wrap will give you a little texture and match whatever you are wearing. Triangles are simple but deep...

When trying to find new designs for our Boba Wrap, Boba co-founder, Elizabeth, was inspired by a trip to a coffee shop: Last summer, I saw a husband and wife at the Trident coffee shop in Boulder with a baby on their lap and matching triangle tattoos on their legs. They called them a lover's tattoo.

Triangles are simple, but deep. My mind started to wander and my Irish Catholic heritage led me to think of St. Patrick's trinity.  There are lots of trinities - Past, present and future. Mind, body and spirit. And then the thought of mother, father and child. Yes!

So I searched through my slew of favorite textile artists and scrolling down through hundreds of designs, there it was, on a gray linen background three interconnected triangles. Then I knew, this design would be a baby wrap. I named it Trikotnik (tree-coat-neek). Say it like you are a proud Slav.  It means "triangle" in Slovenian. The native land of my wonderful husband- one of the corners of my life.

You can see Elizabeth wearing her youngest, Dimitri, in one of the photos, taken by her daughter, Gloria.


1 2 3 4 5 6
  • 1Comfortably wraps babies from 7–35 pounds with no minimum weight requirement (even great for preemies) when used properly
  • 2Hands-free comfort to explore the world together
  • 3Creates a custom fit every time you tie so you can safely and comfortably accommodate your baby’s growth and your own body’s unique contours
  • 4Soft and strong cotton knit is woven with spandex for durability, clinging support and shape retention that doesn’t sag with all-day use
  • 5Simple tying style and flexible material forms to your child and allows for easy on and off
  • 6Stretchy fabric makes for hassle-free nursing


At Boba, less is more, which is why all of our products are

designed to be super simple and easy to use.

Check out these instructions and explore more tips and videos here.

Boba Video Thumb Wrap 101 SMALL

Download PDF

Boba safety first icon

At Boba, safety’s just our style. Every element of every carrier (down to the very last thread, buckle and lead-free dye) is checked and double-checked to ensure you can enjoy freedom together without worry. Plus, we put lots of time and thought into our wrap use guidelines and gladly comply with all U.S. and European standards for child and babywearing safety.

Read our complete safety stats.

  • Compliant with CPSIA

    (Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act)

  • Rigorous third-party (SGS) testing

    of all carrier components


Boba Baby Carriers and Wraps have been acknowledged by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute as a hip healthy product. To learn more about this visit IHDI's website.

Customer Reviews

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Love it

Realy very good wrap!!!!!


The boba wrap is great . I liked the card attached but if I had known that my message was going to be handwritten I would have preferred to do it myself and the writer made spelling error .

Hi Elizabeth! Thank you for your review! I am so sorry to hear the note had a typo, I will certainly make sure to address that with our shipping team. I appreciate you letting us know! Thanks again! -Bethany

Boba Wrap Trikotnik

I love my wrap!

I am still getting the hang of wrapping but I am getting faster every time. My baby loves being in the wrap and it is so easy and convenient. The wrap is also very comfortable for both me and baby. I would highly suggest this wrap.


After my 4th son was born, it was clear I was in trouble if I ever wanted to go out with the kids on my own lol. I had ran out of hands! This is my first time owning a wrap, and I can't believe I didn't own one while my other 3 children were smaller. It's just an awesome wrap and my son really likes it. Also, I was surprised to see how many people (strangers) loved that I was 'baby wearing'! Lots of positive comments. All in all, a must for any Mom. ❤️

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