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Boba baby wraps are the perfect choice for parents with newborn babies, since a lot of times the benefits of babywearing outweigh the benefits of using a stroller. All of our products are made from soft fabric and are free of harmful dyes. They cover your newborn like a comfortable blanket, offering you an even closer connection with your baby. Boba wraps are a perfect choice if your infant weighs from 3.2 to 9 kg (7–20 lbs). Babywearing offers great support for your baby, making sure that their legs, spine and head are in an upright position, which is not harmful for the baby.
You can find more information on the benefits of our baby wraps and carriers in our research paper Strollers, Baby Carriers and Infant Stress. Wraps (or slings) also offer many benefits to the carrying parents whose hands are now free to carry on with their work. Running errands, doing chores around the house or going for a walk will now be simpler and also more stylish! Our wraps come in various designs, each telling its own story, and we are certain you will find the perfect one for your little one.
If you still cannot decide between a wrap and a carrier, we recommend you take a look at our comparison table. If you order one and then wish to return it, you can do so free of charge. We also offer a 2-year warranty while our customer support is more than willing to answer your questions or help you with your problems.
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