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Boba Serenity Wrap Bloom


Pale and pretty hue of rose. Flatters all skin tones. You’ll be blooming with gentleness and grace. 

The Serenity wrap is our buttery soft and extra breathable bamboo blend version of the famous Boba Wrap!

The lightweight fabric with more bounce and stretch is a 
perfect choice for your fresh newborn!

Perfect for bonding hands-free with the littlest of littles.

Adjustability 10/10

Softness 10/10

Support 7/10

68% Viscose from Bamboo, 25% Cotton, 7% Spandex. Silky, soft, and gentle to your newborn's skin. 

Approx. 5.5 yards in length. Designed for use with babies from birth up to 35 pounds, but works best up to 20 lbs. 

Baby over 4-6 months or 15 lbs (7kgs)? Take a look at our more supportive carriers!

One size fits all — a perfect carrier for petite & plus size parents alike!

Intelligent fabric will cling perfectly to the contours of your body and your baby. It enables a custom fit with a unique four-way stretch that provides flexibility and adjustability!

Feel like you might want more structured support?

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The "Why" behind our Wrap

Easy to wrap, easy to wear!

The one way to tie, no-guess usability of our wrap is a favorite for all new parents!

And once you have the wrap on, you can simply pop baby in and out. No re-tying needed!

How to wrap

Tips & Tricks

Soak up every moment with your little one all wrapped up in love.

Check out all our videos, step-by-step instructions, and advice from our babywearing consultants.

Boba wrap support

Checklist for comfortable & ergonomic babywearing

A. baby’s face is close enough to kiss and in view at all times

B. baby’s nose is parallel to the ground or higher

C. baby’s spine, pelvis, and legs are well supported

D. baby’s spine forms a gentle “J” shaped curve

E. baby’s legs are in a  spread-squat position & supported knee-to-knee

Real reviews from real parents.

"This is the third wrap I have purchased and it’s the only one I’ll be using from now on! It’s comfortable, doesn’t hurt my back, the material is soft and it’s easy to breastfeed in it. Love this wrap!"

"I can finally get things done around the house, plus it soothes the baby almost instantly!"

"This is my go to baby shower gift for a first time parent. It is by far the best soft baby wrap!"

Customer Reviews

Based on 2250 reviews
Eliane Scott

I LOVE my wrap!! It's so soft and beautiful on top of being super comfortable. I'm more than happy

Leif Clements
It’s so comfy and beautiful

I love how it feels. Great gift!

Tifany Mitchell

Super soft and extremely stretchy for a snug fit. It’ll be very breathable for hot humid summers.

Ashley Alvarado
Adore this wrap!

We had several baby wearing things for our little girl knowing it would be much more convenient while still momming our 4 year old. The boba is the only one we had that was gifted and I honestly didn’t plan to use it. Then our daughter wasn’t even 6 pounds at birth! Suddenly none of what we had would be safe due to their minimum weight requirements, so I pulled out the boba and learned how to put it on via YouTube and I am in love! I purchased 2 more for color variety and she’s in them everyday: she LOVES being worn❤️

Hillary Robertson
Beautiful color, and so helpful!

This wrap is so supportive and easy to use. My baby has stopped sleeping by himself, and wearing him while he sleeps has given me my life back. He falls asleep faster when in it too. We did our first flight with a baby yesterday, and I don’t know how I would have done it without this wrap. The color is also gorgeous!

Too stretchy

I bought this after loving my organic Boba Wrap and wearing it all the time in hot hot weather. I was so disappointed with this that it is excessively stretchy. It doesn’t seem to matter how tight I put it on, baby sinks low and bounces so I end up “carrying” her with my arms in the wrap. Im really bummed about this. I love the color.

Hi there,
The Serenity Wraps are going to have slightly more stretch than the Classic Wraps. The most important step to ensure a tighter fit is to pull on the two panels tightly when you are tying and passing them through the fabric around your waist. We offer free fit consultations and would love to assist you!
Boba Customer Support

Susan Curtin
Baby Wrap Carrier

Exactly as advertised. Sturday, soft, well-constructed

Samantha W
Love this wrap!

My little one is 10lbs and this wrap is perfect for her. She gets in and falls asleep shortly after. The way the wrap holds her comforts her more than how I would hold her with my arms. We have a different baby carrier and due to her size she hated being in it. The wrap is also pretty easy to get on!

Easy for brand new parents

Brought this as a gift to friends who are brand new parents (I am an aunty of many but child free). They had been given a handmedown wrap that looked like two infinity scarves, and they and their nurses just couldn’t figure it out while in the hospital.
So their second day home I brought this over and we opened it up and figured it out together in just minutes- and got it right the first time! The love it for their newborn, and say it feels comfortable and snug and most of all, safe! I’m so glad my midwife-mama-bestie recommended this as her favorite mama accessory. So perfectly simple and useful as ****!!

Lauren C.

As a newly developing “crunchy” mom, I’ve found that this is an absolute must-have for your registry! My baby boy loves skin-to-skin and this is perfect for just that. It allows me to stay active around the house or sit comfortably to try and nap while baby does (yeah right haha)

Easy to use and comfortable!