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Boba Carrier Zella

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This Limited Edition Carrier was designed by Gabby Caperon and named after the children's book "Zella, Zack and Zodiac" by Bill Peet.

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This Limited Edition Carrier was designed by Gabby Caperon and named after the children's book "Zella, Zack and Zodiac" by Bill Peet.

"Zella Zack and Zodiac" is a heartwarming story about a mama zebra who adopts a baby ostrich, creating an unlikely family. After he's all grown up, Zack returns the favor by saving Zella's baby from a lion. This touching story reminds us of the importance of family and celebrates the wonderful gift of adoption.

Read more about adoption and babywearing over on the Boba Blog.

    wheres and whats
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    • 1Snap-on sleeping hood adjusts to fit growing babies and stores easily in zipper pouch when not in use
    • 2Shoulder straps comfortably fit heights 5'0"–6'3"
    • 3Waistband range reaches 25"–58"
    • 4Additional adjustment straps on either side pull baby closer for quick and easy breastfeeding or extend to offer a little extra space
    • 5Removable foot straps snap to waist belt to support tired legs and promote a healthy, natural position for baby
    • 6Elastic bands keep excess strap length neat and tidy
    • 7Purse strap holder holds extra bags in place with a sturdy snap
    • 8Easily adjustable chest strap slides up and down so you can find the perfect fit for everybody (and every body)
    • 9Uniquely designed to carefully support your child close to your center of gravity
    • 10Integrated infant insert easily snaps into two positions (one for 7–10 pounds and one for 10–15 pounds) so it can grow with your child.
    • 11Body of carrier rises 2"–3" higher than other brands to accommodate taller heights
    • 12Multiple pockets (one on the waist has a zipper) for on-the-go storage of credit cards, smart phones and other must-haves


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