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Boba Classic 4GS Carrier Bear Cub

Mama and papa bears with their cubs in their forest home- complete love. A celebration of family, life, and love inspired by the birth of a miracle. Designed by Mother and Indie Designer Rachel Jaggers. You can read more about Rachel's story on our blog post.

Some people are wrap people, others prefer buckle carriers. Some of you geek out on features and the rest just want a simple and safe place to carry your little ones. We're ALL different and that's why it's important for us to keep all of you in mind when we design our carriers. Meet our 4Gs Classic Carrier. Streamlined for simplicity, featuring our trustworthy minimalist design, new playful prints and an unbeatable price.

Note: This product no longer has footstraps


  • Weight capacity: 7 - 45 lbs 
  • Includes: Infant insert & sleeping hood
  • 3 ergonomic carry positions: newborn, front-inward and back
  • Zippered waist belt pocket
  • Waist belt adjustment: 25"- 58"
  • Shoulder strap adjustment: 20"–40"
  • Light and intuitive
  • Unique breastfeeding buckle
  • International Hip Dysplasia Institute - Certified Hip Healthy 
  • 100% cotton and machine washable

Customer Reviews

Based on 864 reviews

Boba Classic 4GS Carrier Constellation

Love it!

Its comfortable, durable and the pattern is amazing. I have this carrier and some by another popular brand is this one is less bulky- easier to get on and the canvas material makes me feel better about my baby chewing on it and the ability to wash it without fear.

Ease and Comfort

I have tried a few popular carriers on the market and the Boba Classic 4GS is definitely our favorite. Its very user friendly and comfortable. I can adjust the straps to fit me and baby comfortably while wearing carrier by myself, which is a huge positive if I don't have any extra set of hands to assist. The newborn wedge/pillow is comfortable for baby & brings him up to the correct position. I have also comfortably breastfed while wearing baby as well. Definitely would recommend to other parents looking for a comfortable, easy, quality carrier!

Best carrier!

Both my baby and I love this carrier! I have carried him in it since about 6 weeks old. Sometimes it’s the only place he’ll take a nap. I’ve used a wrap and wasn’t a fan as I feel it didn’t have enough support (I have a heavy baby). This carrier gives me a lot of support and my guy feels very secure in it. Quality material and the detachable hood is awesome. I use it all the time both outside and inside the house (it’s perfect for catching crumbs when you’re eating while babywearing!). Highly recommend.

Best carrier ever

I love this carrier a friend of mine recommended it when I told her my 15lb 2 month old wasn’t comfortable in the moby wrap anymore and the infantino carrier I got for my baby shower he hated. It didn’t provide the hip support. He is now 17lbs at 3 months and I am so thankful I can carry him in the carrier instead my arms all the time. Also, in comparison the the Tula brand I like this carrier better because it comes with a seat cushion for babies that are smaller. He still uses the seat cushion for now and I feel like the carrier give him good support.

Great Carrier

Good Quality!


Boba Classic 4GS Carrier Tea

Better than the first one

I finally got a chance to use this Boba and I loved it!!! I feel like it’s even better than my first one. It was super easy to adjust the straps that I was able to do it while wearing a fussy baby. Thank you Boba for another amazing product!!!

Best carrier ever!

I was hesitant to purchase this because I’ve tried a couple carriers and had poor results, and was scared to spend the money, but this is AMAZING! It’s easy to use and my little guy falls asleep with in minutes. It’s comfortable and not too warm to wear. The classic boba wrap was way to warm and complicated, this just snaps on. Once you have it adjusted to your little ones size you only need to adjust it as he gets bigger! Comfortable and cute, it’s worth every penny!

Best carrier ever!

As a mom of 3 I’ve tried many carriers, our boba is the most comfortable one we have tried! Our baby loves being in it, and my husband and I can both easily use it.