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Boba Classic 4GS Carrier Wish to Dream On

Some people are wrap people, others prefer buckle carriers. Some of you geek out on features and the rest just want a simple and safe place to carry your little ones. We're ALL different and that's why it's important for us to keep all of you in mind when we design our carriers. Meet our 4Gs Classic Carrier. Streamlined for simplicity, featuring our trustworthy minimalist design, new playful prints and an unbeatable price.

Note: This product no longer has footstraps


  • Weight capacity: 7 - 45 lbs 
  • Includes: Infant insert & sleeping hood
  • 3 ergonomic carry positions: newborn, front-inward and back
  • Zippered waist belt pocket
  • Waist belt adjustment: 25"- 58"
  • Shoulder strap adjustment: 20"–40"
  • Light and intuitive
  • Unique breastfeeding buckle
  • International Hip Dysplasia Institute - Certified Hip Healthy 
  • 100% cotton and machine washable

Customer Reviews

Based on 113 reviews
Very happy with purchase

Love! The Moab color is so beautiful yet simple so goes with anything. When I'm wearing a tank top or short sleeve the straps do rub on my underarms which is uncomfortable but I'm super patite and have it on almost the tightest setting I have a feeling any structured carrier would do this to me! Overall I LOVE my boba and with two kids I truly couldn't live without it it's the only way I can run errands or take my oldest to the park!
... switches from me and my hubby easily..and can nurse in it fairly simple... major plus that it comes with infant insert, and it's simple and comfy to use..
My baby is high needs and particularly fussy he hates the moby but does pretty well in this, gets calm and falls asleep, which says a lot from him ;)

Fits great/looks beautiful!

This works great for my 7 month old daughter. She is still too small for back carry, but I am looking forward to trying it out soon. We ordered the colored triangle one and the colors would work for a boy too. This is a great carrier and I am very pleased with my purchase!

LOVE this carrier for my 9 month old son!

I was looking for a carrier that would grow with my son as he gets older. I am happy to say that my 20 lb. son fits perfectly in there and there is LOTS of room to grow, so I can picture us using this for many years to come! Some of my favorite features are the purse clips on the shoulders of each side and how easy it clips on and off. I use this everywhere, the park, the mall, grocery shopping, or just running into a store quickly, it only takes a few seconds to put him in and go!

Loved it!

I bought the Boba 4G and just loved it! Super easy to wear and very comfortable.
I recommend it 100%!

I don't usually give reviews....

I can't say anything about this carrier. It. Is. A. Lifesaver! I have three little ones and I have to have my hands for my oldest two. My little babe is always safe and snug on me. I don't go anywhere without it.

They thought of things I didn't know I would want

Being a fan of my Boba wrap, I was excited when @TheBabyGuyNYC Jaime Grayson teamed up with Boba to create a carrier. I ordered my #wearallthebabies 4G while in vacation and it was waiting for me when I got home.
I found it comfortable immediately and loved the built in infant insert. My 3 month old clearly loved it too. She nursed and fell asleep within minutes. I wear her daily and she loves checking out the world then burrowing her head into Momma when she wants her hood up to nap. I no longer need to carry a purse on our beach walks because I can store my keys and phone in the pockets. When we grocery shop, I no longer have to sling my purse across her, as the strap holder keeps it from sliding down my arm.
I have retired my other carrier we used to use! The Boba carrier has been as wonderful as my Boba wrap.

We use it daily!

I'm a stay at home working mom and full-time caregiver. I take my 18-month-old son everywhere with me, and since he was about 6 months old, the Boba 4G has literally made it possible for us to do almost anything. He loves riding in it, and he'll sit there happily while I run errands, take hikes or walks, go shopping, etc. I always have use of my hands, and I love having him close, knowing he's safe and not having to deal with a stroller or shopping cart cover. This is one of the very few baby items I would actually call a must-have!

I love my Boba!

I absolutely love this carrier! I've had my Boba 4G for about 3 years now. In that time, we've gone from one toddler to three kiddos under the age of 5. I couldn't even guess how many hours I've logged wearing my babies. From all day trips to the zoo to quick trips to the grocery store, this carrier is perfect. It's easy to use, comfortable to wear, and cute.

Best thing for our new baby.

Tried wrap/ sling with first but hard to master getting wrap tied so I felt baby was secure. Heard good things about Boba. Have used with my youngest since he was a week old. I love it because it has adjusted as he has grown, it is easy to use, and it keeps him close while I can be hands free. I strongly recommend it.

Love my Boba 4G!

I love my Boba 4G. I received it (Peak design) as a registry gift and have NO regrets for choosing it. My now nine-month-old son loves hanging out with me in it, and always has. Once we got the hang of nursing, it was easy in this carrier. We don't go anywhere without it. The straps, buckles, and fabric stitching are very sturdy--it's quality construction.

The only "complaints" I have are that the straps are a little long for my size (I'm petite and there actually are little elastic bands that allow you to roll up the straps. Not ideal, but still fine), and the chest/back clip tends to slide easily up and down, so I have to readjust the height of that particular buckle often. Not a big deal.

Overall, this is an amazing carrier! Thank you, Boba!