Heartbeats in Harmony: Master the Babywearing TICKS

Heartbeats in Harmony: Master the Babywearing TICKS

Babywearing is what brings us all here on Boba Reads to embrace the many incredible benefits that it has to offer, but hold on - safety first, always!

We're talking about your precious bundle of joy here, so we've gotta make sure they're snug as a bug while you're carrying them. That's where the TICKS rules come in handy – a little acronym coined by the UK Sling Consortium that works wonders when it comes to keeping your baby safe and comfy.

T: Tight

The first rule of safe babywearing is to ensure that the carrier is tight and properly secured.You want that carrier to feel like a warm hug, not a loose blanket flopping around. 

Take the time to adjust the straps or fabric to achieve a snug fit around both you and your baby. A secure carrier or wrap allows for better weight distribution and prevents your baby from slipping or sagging. Struggle how to get it JUST tight enough? Book a free consultation with our babywearing expert here.

I: In View at All Times

Your baby's face should always be in view when they are being held. This ensures that you can monitor their breathing and overall well-being easily. Position your baby high enough on your chest or back so that you can see their sweet little face. Being able to maintain visual contact with your baby also strengthens the emotional connection between you both, especially when they start to get fussy! Breastfeeding is another incredible way to keep baby in view at all times, here are some of the best babywearing practices to follow while breastfeeding. 

C: Close Enough to Kiss

Keep your baby close enough to kiss while babywearing. This rule ensures that your baby is positioned high on your chest where you can easily reach them with your lips. Maintaining this closeness promotes bonding and reassures your baby of your presence and affection. It also allows you to respond promptly to their needs and cues. So plant those smooches whenever you feel like it because there's nothing sweeter than having your little one right there, within reach, soaking up all the love. Find our personal favorites here.

K: Keep Chin Off the Chest

Ensure that your baby's chin is not pressed into their chest while being carried. This position can restrict their airway and lead to breathing difficulties, especially in newborns. Adjust the carrier to support your baby's head and neck while keeping their airway clear. A well-positioned carrier allows your baby to breathe comfortably and freely, and makes your life all the easier. As if your face wasn’t attention grabbing enough for them, here is a list of our favorite lullabies you can sing to get them to lovingly stare at you. 

S: Supported Back

Support your baby's back adequately while babywearing to promote healthy spinal alignment, especially in the newborn stage when their spines are developing. Ensure that your baby is positioned in an ergonomic M-shaped or frog-legged position, with their knees higher than their hips. This position promotes healthy hip development and prevents discomfort for your baby. Read all about the OH-SO-IMPORTANT pelvic tuck here.

Mastering the essential rules of safe babywearing outlined by the TICKS is key to enjoying this bonding experience with your little one. By ensuring that your carrier is tight, your baby is in view at all times, close enough to kiss, with their chin off the chest, and their back well-supported, you can confidently carry your baby with all the love while also prioritizing their safety and comfort. Embrace the joy of babywearing knowing that you're doing so in a way that nurtures the well-being of both you and your little one.