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The Second Nine Months: Exterogestation and the Need to be Held

Posted by Elizabeth Antunovic on

Table of Contents Introduction Gestation Outside of the Womb: “Exterogestation” Continuing Relation Between Mother and Child Birth Due to Large Head Mother’s Body Regulates Developing Systems Crawling Completes Exterogestation Human Developmental Periods Longer than Apes—Except...

How Your Baby's Body is Adapted to Being Carried

Posted by Elizabeth Antunovic on

Some mammals leave their babies in hidden places. Other mammalian young, like sheep, are physically developed enough to follow their mothers by themselves right after birth. Don't forget our feathered friends. Quack quack. Our babies...

Nine Reasons Not to Carry Your Baby Facing Out

Posted by Elizabeth Antunovic on

Dr. Catherine Fowler of Australia, as reported by in 2011, made a comment that parents who face their babies out are “cruel and selfish“. Actually for the record she said they were “inadvertantly cruel”....

Nursing in a Baby Carrier: You Can Do It

Posted by Elizabeth Antunovic on

Learning to breastfeed in a baby carrier means freedom for mom and contentment for baby! Babywearing can facilitate a stronger breastfeeding relationship, as more skin to skin means more prolactin hormone and it has even...

Top 10 Reasons to Use a Baby Carrier

Posted by Elizabeth Antunovic on

1. With you is your baby’s favorite place to be.  After nine months of being as close as can be your baby wants almost nothing else but to be with his or her parent. 2....