Top 5 Summer Babywearing Tips: Stay Cool and Comfortable!

Top 5 Summer Babywearing Tips: Stay Cool and Comfortable!

Summer is here, and while we love the sunny days and warm weather, it can get a little tricky when it comes to babywearing. But don’t SWEAT it! We’ve got you covered with our top 5 summer babywearing tips to keep you and your little one cool, comfy, and happy. Let’s dive in!

1. Don’t SWEAT it!

Actually…do sweat it! Staying hydrated is key to keeping cool. The better hydrated you are, the more you will sweat, which sounds sticky but is super helpful. Sweating helps to lower our body temperatures by evaporating moisture, and guess what? It helps your baby thermoregulate too! So, keep those water bottles handy for both you and your babe. Hydration is your summer best friend!

2. Think Light

When it comes to summer babywearing, less is definitely more. Dress yourself and your baby in light and airy clothes. Natural fibers like cotton and linen are perfect because they breathe better than synthetic fabrics. 

Pro Tip: Keep a thin piece of muslin between you and your baby. It absorbs excess sweat and can be swapped out easily whenever needed. This simple trick can make a big difference in keeping both of you cool.

3. Shade is Your Friend

The sun is strong, especially during midday. Try to plan your outings for the mornings or late afternoons when the sun isn’t as intense. Wide-brimmed hats are a must for both you and your baby, and don’t forget the baby-safe sunscreen on those little arms and legs.

Bonus Tip: Our carriers come with a handy sleeping hood. Use it to keep your baby’s head shaded and protected from the sun. You can also use the additional fabric on our ring slings to create a cover, Instant shade on the go!

4. Skip the Stroller, Grab the Carrier!

Ditch the bulky stroller and go for the carrier instead. Babywearing makes it super easy to monitor your baby’s temperature and breathing, read their cues, and help them stay cool. Plus, it allows for frequent nursing sessions to keep your baby hydrated – a win-win situation!

5. Remember About Layers

Your baby carrier or wrap acts as an extra layer of clothing. On those scorching hot days, this might mean your baby is comfy in just a diaper inside the carrier. Always consider the carrier as an additional layer and dress your baby accordingly to avoid overheating.

Summer babywearing can be a breeze with these simple tips. Stay hydrated, dress light, seek shade, embrace the carrier, and be mindful of layers. You and your baby can enjoy all the sunny adventures without breaking a sweat! 


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