Boba 3G Baby Carrier Reviews

Boba 3G Baby Carrier Reviews
We just launched the newest version of our soft baby carrier, the Boba Carrier 3G, and we couldn't be more excited and appreciative about the response! Our customers help shape everything we do at Boba, and the new features of this baby carrier (now useable for newborns as small as 7 pounds without an insert, even!) are a direct result of the thoughts and insights our friends and fans have shared with us about their babywearing over the years.

To help you learn even more about the Boba 3G (and get in on the fantastic giveaway we're having), here are a few of the online reviews our moms have been offering up complete with a run-down of how you can win a new Boba Carrier 3G & $500 Travel Voucher:


Adventures of 8
"I love my Boba Carrier... The design is beautiful, though still manly enough, that Hubby doesn’t mind using it, ha, ha, ha...  All in all, the carrier is ultra-handy and I would recommend it to EVERYONE!" - Shanna, Adventures of 8

The Connected Mom
"Every part of it seems to have been made with comfort in mind... The Boba is not only comfortable but also incredibly easy to use... not only does the Boba have pocket room enough for my wallet, phone, and keys it also has this really fantastic snap on each shoulder that I can use to secure my purse or grocery bag straps so they aren’t sliding and falling all over the place." - Julian, The Connected Mom

 Natural Urban Mamas
"The new Boba 3G is a carrier NOT to be ignored! ...I think I can honestly say that this carrier has renewed my appreciation and love for a well-made, well thought-out and designed soft-structured carrier. It is not often that I find a company that so embodies my thoughts and philosophies about babywearing, but Boba Inc. is right up there and I for one really appreciate the work that they do to support and encourage babywearing for everyone." - Natasha, Natural Urban Mamas

Everything Mom and Baby
"I love the comfort of our Boba as does my son... I give 10 thumbs up and I know you'll be happy with this as well. Boba truly is a uniquely designed carrier." - Mama Ash, Everything Mom and Baby

 She {Hearts} It
"This is THE carrier to have right now and for good reasons. It works beautifully... It combines all the things I loved about the Boba Classic and some. From the re-designed easy to adjust chest strap/foot straps, to the fun addition on the straps to help hold your purse in place. This carrier has covered it all." - Drea Wood, She {Hearts} It

Bruises in the Frosting
"I had no idea how uncomfortable [my] other carrier was until I slipped this bad boy on.... no tying, no origami... no straps cutting into my shoulders... and my favorite part is the stirrup footstraps, which not only help support Chuck’s legs in a froggy position (which helps with proper alignment of the pelvis) but keeps her from kicking the bejeezus out of my legs." - Libby (aka MiaCupcake), Bruises in the Frosting


This is exactly what I was looking for. It’s light weight, basic, and made of a rain coat type material. I plan to use this in the pool this summer for my 10 month old when juggling my other two.


Verified Purchase

This is our favorite carrier we’ve used. It’s so much lighter than any other carrier we’ve used and baby girl loves it!


Verified Purchase

Perfect baby carrier for us. It's lightweight but still supportive. It has a nice, good look to it. It's also practically made and the zipper/pocket storage is great. Also, I can take this anywhere with us because it's compact.


Verified Customer

I bought this because I needed a carrier to take my son with me on hikes, it works really well for us. I use it for everything from taking him on errands to doing chores around the house.


Verified customer