Boba Air Grey Ultra Lightweight Baby Carrier

Streamlined to simplicity yet lightly padded and breathable in the just the right places. Perfect for travel, a walk around the town, or a day at the beach. Throw it right into your backpack, towel bag, or purse and rest assured that you are covered. Never be without a carrier again!

  • Adaptable - designed for children 15-45lbs 
  • Ultralight nylon material - easy to keep clean
  • Padded and breathable mesh shoulder straps
  • Padded leg openings for your growing babe
  • Compact, self-storing and light as a feather - just 0.7 pounds! 
  • 2 ergonomic carrying positions: front-inward and back carry
  • Perfect for napping/nursing while standing or traveling
  • Beach friendly - no salt stains, no wet marks, no sticky sand
  • International Hip Dysplasia Institute - Certified Hip Healthy 


    Customer Reviews

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    Excellent...but it could be great with just a little modification

    The material is perfect for trekking and the finishes are really well done. This baby carrier is excellent but to be great, in my opinion, should have a reinforcement at the waist belt that can make it more supportive. For example, it might be an idea to insert an inflatable tube with a valve, so as not to affect the weight or compactness of the product. In this way it would help to support the weight of the child, relieving the entire burden from the shoulders.


    Boba Air Grey Ultra Lightweight Baby Carrier

    Back pain

    My baby seems to be comfortable using the carrier, however I feel a huge pack pain each time we use it...
    And I also believe baby's head support can be improved.
    I was expecting a better experience.

    Hi Angela, Thank you for your review! Sorry to hear that the carrier isn't what you expected. It seems that it might be too low on the waist, it should feel very comfortable. I would love for you to make an appointment with our in-house babywearing educator, it's completely free and she can see exactly what's going on. Here is the link: Please feel free to contact with any questions, thanks!

    Boba Air Grey Ultra Lightweight Baby Carrier

    Good, lightweight carrier

    We use the the Ergobaby 360 most of the time, but it is bulky and conserves heat! In my opinion, it is easier to put on and adjust the Boba Air. It is also definitely more lightweight, less bulky and cooler for the baby and person carrying the baby. It is possible to cram the Boba Air into its pocket--but it is not easy. It is also not quite as comfortable as a carrier with more padding. We'll probably continue to use the Ergobaby in our neighborhood, but the Boba Air if we're out for the day. It is definitely more weather appropriate for where we live!