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Boba X Denim Rain

A neutral Boba X that will look great on mom or dad. Multidimensional and textured to create the look of falling rain on dark denim. Note: Fabric is not actual denim. 

An intuitive design that regulates in width and height without looping, snapping or rebuilding the carrier. Adjust the seat with one smooth slide and lock in place with a flat press of your hand. From your fresh newborn to your mobile toddler - the Boba X has you covered. Wear your little ones and wear them well! 

  • 7-45 lbs - No infant insert needed!
  • Seat micro-adjusts from 8-21" in width (20-53 cm)
  • Panel body micro-adjusts from 12-16" in height (30-40 cm)
  • 25-58" waist belt - A great option for petite and plus sized wearers
  • Shareable! For both your babies and your partner
  • Padded leg openings and seat extenders included!
  • International Hip Dysplasia Institute - Certified Hip Healthy
  • Machine washable
  • 100% Cotton

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Customer Reviews

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Boba X Grey

Boba X and Boba Air

Love both of these baby carriers. Boba X is structured and good for all age babies. Boba Air is light and cool.

I love it

Super confty, great color i got the blue one, super easy to put on ... i use it to go out for walks with my 2 mo Baby. He loves it!!! He falls asleep real quick in it and when he is awake he enjoys watching everything around him.

Must have!

Absolutely love this! My son constantly wants to be held and this does the job without the arm workout! Naps, cuddles, and feedings. Highly recommend!

Amazing carrier

The boba X is our favorite carrier aside from the boba wrap. It fits nicely for baby and us. We love the adjustability as well!!

Great carrier

It’s awesome and soft love it with all its micro adjustments but can be uncomfortable at times in the back. I’m a larger female though with baby fat still haha! Overall love the snugly carrier and will take it with me on a plane ride!

This is a game changer!

I ordered the Boba a few weeks ago for our first child, who is now 2 months old. I can’t stress enough how amazing it’s been! She loves being in it and feeling so close to us - she falls asleep quickly and will sleep soundly for hours. The first time we took her out in it we were able to take a 3 hour walk! (She would never tolerate that in the stroller.) It’s comfy for us as well. I love that my husband and I can both use it and switch back and forth easily. We visited the botanical gardens today and it was wonderful knowing she was cozy and safe and not having to bring the stroller. A big plus is that it’s allowed me to do housework while holding and soothing her. It’s well made and super adjustable. I would definitely recommend this!!!


Boba X Organic Atlantic

So glad we finally got one!

I’ve used a Boba wrap for years, but as the kids got bigger and heavier, the wrap wasn’t as comfortable. I finally decided to order the Boba X carrier and I love it!

The fabric is so soft, and it seems really durable. The color of the Organic Atlantic carrier is so gorgeous!

The carrier is super easy to adjust and it’s a breeze to put on. With my wrap, I always put it on before leaving the house so I wouldn’t be standing in the store parking lot or wherever putting it on. Now I keep the Boba X in the car and just snap it on when we get to our destination.

I love the elastics that hold the extra slack from the straps! It’s so nice not to have a bunch of straps dangling off of the carrier once it’s adjusted to fit. That’s a super nice touch that makes the Boba X look that much nicer while your wearing it.

The shipping was super fast too! I ordered on a Friday night and it arrived Monday.


Boba X Grey