Back to School: A Rollercoaster of Emotions

Back to School: A Rollercoaster of Emotions

The first few times you send your little ones off to school marks a significant milestone in both their lives and yours as parents. These moments are a whirlwind of emotions, as you witness your children taking their first steps towards independence and growing up far too quickly.

We are here to dig into the emotional journey of sending your little ones to school for the first time and share our own experiences at Boba from some of the mothers and fathers on our team and how they are dealing with these heartwarming yet challenging moments. Amongst these parents, we have a variety of different situations from homeschooling to sending their kids to a nursery while they are working to the first time their baby starts kindergarten, all of which involve a mix of excitement and nostalgia about the cycle of life. 

Here are some of our team members´ experiences at the moment: 

“Starting nursery was a tough transition that took time for both me and my daughter, but a solid routine helped. Every morning before we leave, we pick out one of her favourite toys or books to take with her to the nursery and share with her friends. We listen to her favourite song in the car on the way there (currently the Bluey soundtrack!), and I let her carry her own rucksack into her classroom, where she loves having the responsibility of hanging it up all by herself. And it always helps that they’re serving breakfast just as she arrives - never underestimate the power of snacks as a distraction technique!”



“My little one is starting playgroup this year and my heart is full of mixed feelings. I’m super proud and happy to see him grow up and become a tiny person, with his own likes and dislikes, inside jokes and routines, but at the same time I feel like time is flying by and that he’s growing up super fast. The best way I have at the moment to deal with this, is to plan to do something fun each day after pick up. Could be something super tiny like giving him reward stickers, or bringing his favourite toy, or if we have enough time going to the park before coming home. I try to remind myself that quality time doesn’t necessarily mean “a lot of time” together, so I try to make the most out of it.”



"Still in the process of figuring this out. Our daughter has been having nightmares every night since she started kindergarten on Monday. I wonder if it's normal and how soon she will like it? I find it interesting how as a parent, I've been questioning my decisions way more than before. Is this the right place? Is it the right time for her? Only time will tell us! I hope she likes it soon."


“On those heavy mornings when anxiety looms large, sending my girls off to kindergarten and school becomes an even more emotional task. In those moments, we have a special ritual. I draw a heart and tell them to look at it when they miss me, and I promise to look at mine as well. In this simple yet profound act, we stay connected even when we’re apart.”


“To be honest, I never felt sad about my kids going to nursery or kindergarten, more excitement for them. When they struggle and cry, you know it's temporary and once they are there they love it. To help our eldest daughter adjust to her new kindergarten, we get her excited about preparing her snack box together in the morning. I got her a sparkly pink lunch box which she loves packing together every morning. She gets the same things in it everyday and I think she looks forward to it. We also try to pick her up at least once per week so she also looks forward to having mommy and daddy get her and spend 1:1 time with us. I’ve loved seeing my daughters grow up, and enjoy each new phase that they begin.”


¨I've found that being honest helps - emphasizing that all change is scary (and admitting that I am often scared of it too) seems to help. I also think my youngest has benefitted by having older siblings: They can tell her how they are either scared or looking forward to it, allowing her to realize that it is okay.¨


“Seeing my babies grow through ALL the ¨stages¨ has been so insanely humbling and rewarding. When we thought we´ve just experienced our favourite stage, we enter a new one–and BAM! It´s our favourite too. Currently LOVING the deep conversations and inside jokes we get to have with our insanely independent preteens and at the same time re-living the cuteness overload with our new baby.”



As you can see, it is more than normal to feel so much at a time like this: It's a step towards their growth and your love and care as parents. As our team members have shared, dealing with these situations often involves trust, positivity, creating memories, and unwavering support. While it may seem like they're growing up too fast, these milestones are essential steps in their journey towards becoming independent and confident individuals. Cherish these moments, and you’ll always be there to support and encourage your little ones as they embark on the adventures of childhood and life.