This all-weather, all-season, all-natural linen blend meets you where you are. In the heart of parenthood.
Experience the amazing natural properties and unmatched comfort!

New Arrival ~ New Arrival ~
Boba X Baby Carrier Linen Rye


Grounding, but elevating, this rich hue of brown shines with earthy magic as sunlight plays in the intricate texture of the fabric. If you’re looking for the one baby carrier to...

New Arrival ~ New Arrival ~
Boba X Baby Carrier Linen Beige Pampas


The soft sun-kissed sand beige exudes a timeless style, it’s versatility bringing a touch of elegance to every parent’s outfit. If you’re looking for the one baby carrier to las...

New Arrival ~ New Arrival ~
Boba X Baby Carrier Linen Green Willow


It brings a touch of nature and serenity to your everyday outfit with earthy hues and gentle undertones that will suit all parents alike.

Like a breath of fresh air

The unique structure of linen makes is super breathable!

Flax fibers allow air to circulate more freely and the loosely woven fabric helps ventilation overall keeping you both as cool as possible!

All-weather carrier

Linen has amazing natural moisture-wicking properties.

It absorbs heat and sweat easily and dries quickly to keep you comfortable even in sweltering summer!

Ultimate temperature control for every climate in every season!

A long-lasting love

Linen is as durable as it gets!

It's soft and supportive - even softer than our all-cotton carriers, the adaptable woven fabric molds to your baby and your body for the ultimate cushy comfort.

A strong yet lightweight linen-cotton blend along with the original adjustability of the Boba X will stand the test of time(and babies worn!)

A win for your baby's skin!

Our prewashed linen-cotton blend is super soft straight out of the box but gets even softer with each wash and wear!

The fabric is gentle to your and baby's skin, and it's also naturally hypoallergenic!

From day one to one day...