Adventures In Babywearing: Amusement Park Edition

Adventures In Babywearing: Amusement Park Edition

Be it the magical world of Disney or your local roller coaster haunt, amusement parks have a whole lot to offer by way of family fun, and a whole lot to steer clear of, too! Read on to see how these moms and their families napped it up, avoided stroller parking log jams with their baby carriers, and had a fantastic time during their amusement park babywearing adventures with babes, toddlers, siblings and more. You'll appreciate the tips, and hopefully leave inspired to get in line for a big ride or other Mickey-tastic experience this summer! Danae's Babywearing One-Year-Old, Then Three-Year-Old Disney World Adventures

We first took my daughter to Disney World for her first birthday and almost exclusively used the Boba Wrap. She was still nursing at the time which made such an important part of our daily routine even more convenient and discreet! I'm so glad I had the advantage and comfort of having her so close to me in a new place with so many people and new things to see and take in! Just a few months ago we took my daughter back to Disney World at the age of three. We've since upgraded to a Boba Carrier but also had a collapsible wagon on hand in case she wanted to switch between the two. As we tried to board one of the motor coaches (buses) into the parks the driver informed us that the wagon would not be allowed in the park, so all we had for transporting her for the week was the Boba. And I'm so glad we did! The crowds were much heavier than we anticipated  and with part of the Magic Kingdom closed for renovation areas like stroller parking were absolute zoos. It seemed as though bringing a stroller was rather futile in and of itself since they were not allowed in any of the buildings or in lines for the rides. Plus I still had a way to keep her close and off her feet when she became tired waiting in lines. I couldn't help feeling a surge of personal satisfaction every time I received a jealous glance from other parents waiting in lines, with tired arms holding their wiggly children, strollers completely out of access. I received so many comments, especially regarding her age and size, about wearing her in the carrier. Other guests were especially impressed with the foot straps! I will continue to be an advocate for baby wearing, especially in theme parks long after my daughter, or any future children, are too old to do so. - Danae Ogren Amanda and Hubby Have an Easy-Breezy Time with Three-Month-Old and More

We went on our first family trip to an amusement park last summer. Our youngest was just three months old, and my hubby wore him in the Boba for the majority of our day. Prior to our trip my hubby swore he would NEVER wear the baby, he is just "too manly" but he wore him from the moment we were out of the vehicle and said it was just so comfortable, you could barely even tell he was there. Babywearing helped because it left my hubby hands free to still help with our other child and baby was comfortable and slept most of the day (plus he was shaded from the sun, a big plus!!) My favorite features that helped us a lot this day are the little "canopy" to keep the sun off of him and the little feet straps (my oldest could use these to hold onto). We had another family with us so our oldest and their son were able to ride around in our double stroller when they were tired of walking since we had the baby in the Boba. There isn't too much to say because Boba made the day SOOOO easy!! It was a great day!! - Amanda Coburn    Sarah's All-Day Babywearing Disney Day with Ten-Month-Old and Four-Year-Old

My husband and I went to Disneyland in CA with my brother and his wife, my four-year-old son Sam and my ten-month-old son Grey.  The first ride we went on was The Pirates of the Caribean.  Grey was in the Boba 3G (Lila) and we were in the front of the boat with my son Sam and my brother.  It was dark and we immediately went down a drop quite a bit larger than I expected as they let babies on the ride.  Grey was happy in the carrier saying "da da da" and Sam was whimpering saying "I'm afraid of Disneyland.  I want to go back to New Jersey." Thankfully we were able to turn Sam's experience around and he had a great day.  Grey was amazing in the Boba 3G.  It was so convenient to wear him there rather than take him in and out of a stroller and find 'stroller parking.'  We took turns wearing him and he had a great time.  He took a nap in the carrier and seemed to be entertained by the rides as well. In fact, we didn't even bring a stroller with us to CA.  Grey does not like strollers, he prefers to be carried in the 3G and I prefer it as well.  It was much easier getting through airport security and boarding the plane without all of that extra baggage.  We also went to San Francisco and that city is definitely made for the 3G - walking around the city, going to Alcatraz, riding cable cars and trollies all were made easier with the 3G.  Grey lived in the 3G the entire vacation.  Our first day home he was so cranky and I realized I hadn't carried him in the carrier yet that day so I put him in and he immediately stopped fussing.  He missed being in the 3G all day.  I'll never travel any other way. - Sarah Kelliher   Amanda, Eighteen-Month-Old, and Three-Year-Old Are Disneyland Pros with Their Boba

We live in southern California and go to Disneyland often. I wear my Boba every time! It's way easier than having to worry about the stroller and folding it up to get on the tram/monorail. We probably save a lot of time not putting the baby back and forth into a stroller, and it helps with nursing the baby, too. I'm so glad I have my carrier! I love having both hands free to hold my three year old's hand to help him on rides, etc. My friend just recently had her nice jogging stroller stolen while she was on a ride -  one less thing i have to worry about with my Boba. I use the Boba Carrier now that my son is 18 months but I looooved my Boba Wrap! I love that it keeps baby and I close and warm! He feels safe and can see everything around him from my level. I love that its easy for me to put on by myself (after a little practice). It also doesnt hurt my back to carry him for hours. I love my Boba! - Amanda Massie Have your own adventures in babywearing to share? Tell us about your amusement park success stories in the comments below, and watch for more calls to submit your travel and adventure stories on the Boba Facebook page.


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