Authorized Seller

"" is authorized to sell all BOBA products.

Certificate of Authorization 


 (sole distributor in China )



      This is to certify thatBEJING LEMA INTERNATIONAL TECHNOLOGY LIMITED COMPANY  (ID:91110105MA002KE1X2)  , as the sole distributor of BOBA  in China, is hereby authorized to sell Boba baby carriers, and on behalf of Boba Inc., Colorado USAto identify and enforce infringements upon Boba’s intellectual rights and products in the Chinese markets, including but not limited to patent, improper use of brand name and mark, and use of copyright-protected images.

   鉴于 北京乐妈互联网科技有限责任公司(统一社会信用代码91110105MA002KE1X2  ,为我公司BOBA 品牌在中国境内的唯一代理商,特授权其在中国境内销售我公司旗下BOBA品牌所有产品,以及代表我公司执行相关销售管控与知识产权维护(包括但不限于产品专利、品牌名称、产品图像等)。

This authorization is valid from ___2018-11-22___ to __2021-12-31__

      授权期间自:   2018 11 22   2021 12  31日。


                     Signature: Boba Inc., Colorado US

                         授权方:Boba Inc., Colorado US

                        Date: 2018/11/26