Boba Bliss

We've compiled all our instructional content in one tidy place so you can comfortably enjoy every second of your babywearing journey!

This will be amazingly snug and comfortable but remember — it’s a new experience for you and your baby!

Make sure that baby is well-fed and not overtired when you first start using the carrier.

Try practicing in front of the mirror.

If baby starts getting fussy, just take a deep breath and a few steps around the room until you’re both ready to continue.

Once positioned correctly, your baby should be snug against your body, high on your chest, enabling you to stand normally, as if you were holding them in your arms.

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How to wear

Ultimate comfort, no tying required!

STEP 1: Snap the soft modular waistband around your natural waist (or higher if needed for smaller babies)

STEP 2: Position baby on your front and bring the panel of the carrier over their back

STEP 3: Bring one shoulder strap over the opposite shoulder, buckle the side buckle, and tighten as needed. Repeat on the other side!

How your baby is adapted to being carried

The Boba Bliss is designed for wearing babies in the inward-facing front carry to reap all the benefits of that "heart to heart position." 

Not only does it keep your sweet load close to your center of gravity, 
the stretchy panel also allows baby to spontaneously sink their bum below the waist-belt and assume the natural ergonomic spread squat position, which helps them actively contribute to being carried!

The T.I.C.K.S Rule for Safe Babywearing

T - Tight: Keep the carrier snug against you for secure baby positioning.

I - In View: Always see your baby's face to ensure clear airways.

C - Close for Kiss: Position baby high enough for easy kissing.

K - Keep Chin Up: Ensure baby's chin isn't resting on their chest.

S - Supported Back: Maintain baby's back in a natural, supported position.

Remember these tips for safe and comfortable babywearing!

Source: UK Sling Consortium

Ergonomic positioning matters (especially in those first 6 months)!

Small infants have gently curved spines, and their natural ergonomic position is with their knees drawn up into a comfortable “M shape”/frog position/spread squat.

From this wide seat base, babies can be properly supported all the way up to the back of the neck, and their weight is equally distributed, thus preventing the babies from slumping in the carrier (or if they are being carried in arms).

To ensure your baby is in an optimal ergonomic position, you can hold your baby’s legs under their knee pits and gently scoop them towards your body in an upwards motion, rotating and tucking their pelvis under. This helps create a “J shape” (from the side) or an “M shape” (from the front) position!

This ergonomic positioning also helps encourage healthy hip development and prevent hip dysplasia! 

Breastfeeding in the Boba Bliss

Fitting your carrier for nursing and redistributing the slack when you're done has never been easier!

STEP 1: Loosen the waistband buckle and release the breastfeeding access buckles to get some slack

STEP 2: Scoot baby down.

STEP 3: Hold your breast and latch!

Once your baby is done nursing, scoot them back up and re-tighten straps as needed.

Learn more tricks for simple and convenient feeding in the carrier!

X straps that fit to a T!

The wrap-like shoulder straps are adjustable in both length and width to ensure a perfect fit for all wearers!

Spread the fabric wide over your shoulders and back for ideal weight distribution and to help keep your sweet load close to your center of gravity.

Adjusting the shoulder straps nice and snug is easiest when tightening one strap at a time!

Make sure to pass the safety elastic loop on the side buckle padding!

Head support for a blissfully sleeping baby!

Always make sure your baby’s face is unobstructed by any fabric and that their nose and mouth are at least parallel with the floor or pointing up.

Ticking all the boxes for a safe and secure carry is pretty easy in the Boba Bliss.

The crossed layers of fabric work as excellent head support from birth, and you can regulate the height of the panel and coverage (or lack thereof) just by sliding the loops on your shoulder straps up or down!

These functional accessories conveniently enable a great view of and for your baby and secure head coverage for contact naps!

No twisting or flipping of the fabric needed!

Hold them tight.

They're only little for such a little while.