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Discover how Boba X fits into your everyday!

Easy as 1-2-3

Fully adjustable from day one to one day when they're ready to explore on their own.The seat and panel micro adapt to a T for a perfect ergonomic fit + you can zip in the added toddler seat extenders when they've outgrown the seat!

There are also tons of beginner-friendly ways to get your baby on your back when you're both ready!

Ideal for babies 3.2 - 16 kg (7 - 35lbs), birth - 12 months

Key Features

The seat that truly grows with your little (big) one

The Boba X offers adjustable seat for optimal comfort and support from infancy through toddlerhood and beyond. No need for an infant insert; just adjust the seat width using the velcro located under the waistband.

As your baby grows, simply pull the panel sides closer together and secure with a press of your hand.

For toddlers who outgrow the carrier's width, easily attach the toddler seat extenders by zipping them in and securing them with velcro under the waistband. It's as simple as that!

Certified hip-healthy

The Boba Bliss is designed for wearing babies in the inward-facing front carry to reap all the benefits of that "heart to heart position." 

Not only does it keep your sweet load close to your center of gravity, 
the stretchy panel also allows baby to spontaneously sink their bum below the waist-belt and assume the natural ergonomic spread squat position, which helps them actively contribute to being carried!

Boba Hood

The hood acts as additional neck and head support for smaller babies - simply leave
it rolled in the pocket when the panel is shortened.

If your baby falls asleep, you have the option to use the hood for head support. Pull the hood from the carrier pocket, grab one hood strap and extend it straight up toward the top of your head. Then snap it to the shoulder strap on the same side. Repeat for the other side, and you’re all set!

Adjustable height of the carrier panel

Hight or low, we've got you (and your baby) covered!

Adjust the back of the carrier as needed so it reaches up to the back of their neck. Not only will that support that natural curve in their spine, but it will also keep baby close to your center of gravity, making it easier for you to carry the load.When wearing a toddler who likes to have their arms out, you can shorten the panel to reach up to their armpits.