Facing in is IN!

It's THE ergonomic way to wear your baby!

The tummy-to-tummy M - position is research-based AND science-approved the best way to support baby's healthy hip development!

This position enables babies to actively engage their bodies and contribute to being carried which promotes muscle activity, making their core and leg muscles stronger!

Biomechanic research shows it's not only amazing for preventing hip-dysplasia, but might even become a recommended treatment!

Best for more bonding, and less overstimulation

Even though it might be overwhelming at times, babies are quite literally hard-wired to be in near-constant close physical contact with their parents!

Skin-to-skin, eye contact (so you can see and respond to their cues faster), contact napping, and easy breastfeeding on demand all promote bonding and attachment!

Babywearing in general, but especially in this natural position, is known to decrease crying and prevent overstimulation!
As your little one is not able to tune out external stimuli, they seek out a safe space to rest and co-regulate (best done in your warm and comfy embrace).

Happy, comfy & cosy way to wear!

Because the inward-facing position is the most natural position when carrying a small infant, it's also the most comfortable one!

It offers good head and neck support as babies can rest their head on your chest and equal support from knee to knee for a deep and comfortable seat. But it's not only comfy for baby!

With the baby’s center of gravity close to your body, there is less strain on your back and shoulders with optimal weight distribution!

All in all, the inward-facing carry is a safe way to wear your baby for as long as either of you want!

Hip-health matters

All our products are certified by the International Hip Dysplasia institute and enable wearing your baby in a natural ergonomic position that is recommended for healthy hip and spine development.