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Boba Wrap

There is a good reason why, for many parents, the Boba wrap is the first carrier they use. You're probably holding one right now trying to figure out how to wrap your baby!

You came to the right place! Below you will find step-by-step instructions, instructional videos and information on safe and ergonomic positioning in a wrap (or any baby carrier, for that matter)!

Tying 101


Unfold the wrap and position the Boba logo label over your heart.


Lower the outstretched wrap to navel height and bring the ends behind your back.


Cross the two pieces behind your back. Bring each side up and over your shoulders to the front while keeping the fabric stretched. Try to keep the fabric flat so it doesn’t twist.


Take both pieces in one hand and tuck them under the section with the label on it while keeping the tension.


Pull down. The label piece will rise to your chest and should be adjusted to fit snug and cling to your body.


Cross the pieces and bring them around your waist behind your back. Make sure that the pieces cross each other high on your chest area. Your sternum is a good reference point. There is no need to leave any extra space for your baby.


Cross the wrap behind your back and if
there is enough fabric bring it back to the front.


You can tie a double knot behind your back, in the front or on your hip.


  • The wrap should fit snugly, like a fitted t-shirt. Test this by pulling the fabric out slightly and make sure it springs back against your body.
  • Places to be or errands to run? Tie the wrap on your body before you leave the house so you can just pop your baby in when you arrive. No more trying in parking lots or public restrooms!
  • Discover a ton more tips & tricks below!

Love Your Baby Hold


Ensure your wrap is tied correctly (see above). Gently position your baby against your shoulder.


Holding your baby securely, carefully pass his or her leg under the shoulder piece that is closest to your body.


Spread the fabric wide over your baby’s entire bottom, back and shoulder (knee to knee). The wider you spread it the more comfortable your baby will be.


Tuck your baby under the second shoulder piece and spread out the fabric again. The fabric should be spread out to the back of your baby’s knees on both sides.


Find the horizontal pass closest to your body and pull it around your baby's legs to the front.


Pull the front panel over your baby’s bottom and up to the back of their neck. For newborns, all 3 layers should meet behind the neck.

Ergonomic Positioning in a Wrap

The aim is to have your baby in your Boba Wrap in a safe ergonomic position with their hips below knee level and their pelvis tilted in a gentle J shape. Not only is this position respectful of the baby’s anatomy, but it also enables our babies to actively contribute to being worn and ensures better weight distribution thus contributing to a safer and more comfortable babywearing experience for both you and your baby!

The Pelvic Tuck

To ensure your baby's body is in an optimal ergonomic position, you can perform a Pelvic Tuck. Hold your baby’s legs under their knee pits and gently scoop them towards your body in an upwards motion. Make sure your baby is supported with the wrap from knee pit to knee pit and across their back up to their necks!

A pelvic tuck can be performed in any wrap or carrier and is the best way to make sure your baby is comfortable and ergonomically supported while being carried.

Help & Fit Consultations

Not only are we passionate about our products, we're passionate about making sure parents and caretakers have the best, safest, and most magical experience wearing their babies. Still can't quite figure out how to tie the wrap? Baby doesn't seem positioned correctly? Just want to confirm that your baby is ergonomically positioned and comfortable?

Boba proudly offers complimentary one-on-one video consults with our in house Babywearing educator to answer any questions you might have and to get personal fit support with your new Boba Wrap.