Free US shipping on ALL ORDERS | Due to COVID-19 orders are being fulfilled within 2-3 days

Free US shipping on ALL ORDERS | Due to COVID-19 orders are being fulfilled within 2-3 days

Boba Air Black Ultra Lightweight Baby Carrier

Streamlined to simplicity yet lightly padded and breathable in just the right places. Perfect for travel, a walk around the town, or a day at the beach. Throw it right into your backpack, towel bag, or purse and rest assured that you are covered. Never be without a carrier again!

  • Adaptable - designed for children 15-45lbs 
  • Ultralight nylon material - easy to keep clean
  • Padded and breathable mesh shoulder straps
  • Padded leg openings for your growing babe
  • Compact, self-storing and light as a feather - just 0.9 pounds! 
  • 2 ergonomic carrying positions: front-inward and back carry
  • Perfect for napping/nursing while standing or traveling
  • Beach friendly - no salt stains, no wet marks, no sticky sand
  • International Hip Dysplasia Institute - Certified Hip Healthy 


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 93 reviews

    My biggest issue with most carriers is that they’re too bulky to carry round without baby. This one is so convenient and lightweight. It makes carrying it around more reasonable so I actually use it! Super lightweight and well made.

    Light & packable; dislike the thin waistband.

    Love the idea of a packable carrier but I wish the zipper for the pouch was reversible as you can store the hood when using the carrier but cannot zip it up or use it as a storage pouch. I really wish there was padding in the waist band especially since I have a belly it just rolls upwards and I panic about my child’s positioning and support while in use. If the same padding used in the straps could be placed in the waist band, it could be so much better. The waist band just rolls up and does not look flattering. Overall similar features to my previous boba carrier so that’s a plus.

    Exactly what we needed

    I wanted a minimalist carrier that still offered great support and this is that carrier. I'm 5'9" and it fits very well.

    Love it

    This is the best carrier I've tried! I'm pretty small, 5'1" and it's been difficult to find a carrier that fits, is supportive, and not too tricky to put on by myself.


    Boba Air Grey Ultra Lightweight Baby Carrier

    Lightweight !

    Can’t wait to use this Boba carrier! It’s lightweight and should be easy to use - will keep you posted!

    Super light weight and compact

    Light, supportive, and wonderful quality. I bought this carrier for travel and so far I really love it.

    Best carrier ever.

    This is hands down one of the best carriers that I have used. I do not suffer from back pain when I carry my son.

    Worth it!

    I already own a 4GS, but was debating on whether or not I should buy the Air for our trip to FL. I went ahead and bought it during a sale and love my decision! My son sweats easily already and this was my main reason for purchasing the Air! He was still sweaty, but I can tell he was definitely much more comfortable. I love the padded leg openings too! I was able to breastfeed discretely and easily! The 2 things that gave me issues were 1. the top strap for the upper back is at an odd position for me. I need someone to lower it after I clip it myself. On my 4GS this is not an issue. 2. I wish the waist buckle was not so “flip floppy” I waste a lot of time making sure it’s straight and not flipped. I understand though, that the flexibility is so you can fold and pack it up. Overall, I am very happy with my purchase!

    Perfect toddler carrier

    This is the perfect carrier for toddlers, they change their mind of how they want to transport st any moment! This carrier allows you to easily pack it up and throw in your bag so you can have your hands free to chase your toddler! The only con is they cannot face out and that’s why it gets four stars! Maybe soon Biba will incorporate a snap characteristic like the other carriers to allow a three way system!! Bit other than that, definitely a unique and super awesome system!