Pure Bliss in Bloom and Sea Mist

Pure Bliss in Bloom and Sea Mist

Our beloved Boba Bliss, the perfect wrap/carrier hybrid, has expanded its color palette, introducing two mesmerizing new shades. Let's dive into the enchanting world of Sea Mist and Bloom and discover how these hues influence the art of baby carrying.

The Boba Bliss wrap/carrier hybrid has long been a favorite among parents who seek the perfect mix of comfort and style while carrying a newborn. As we constantly celebrate the evolving journey of parenthood, our Boba Bliss continues to make it all the more adventurous with the introduction of our new shades in Sea Mist and Bloom

Sea Mist Bliss: A Symphony of Serenity:

Enter the world of Sea Mist Bliss - a soothing pastel green that mirrors the tranquility of nature. Sea Mist brings serenity and peace as you imagine wrapping your baby in the gentle folds of the fabric, creating an environment that balances emotions for both parent and child. This new shade transforms the act of carrying into a serene experience, a moment to cherish amidst the noise of everyday life.

Bloom Bliss: Soft Pink Elegance with Emotional Resonance:

The Bloom Bliss, in its perfect, soft shade of pink, emerges as more than just a fashionable choice. Pink, known for its emotional resonance, takes on a new role in the Bloom Bliss. This hue has the remarkable power to ground emotional energies and uplift moods. Carrying your baby in Bloom becomes a celebration of positivity, a stylish reminder of the inherent joy that comes with parenthood. 

Holiday Season Treat: The Gift of Connection:

As we step into the holiday season, there's no better time to explore these new options. Treat yourself to the gift of connection with Boba Bliss in Sea Mist and Bloom. These fresh shades represent moments of emotional grounding, serenity, and joy. Whether you're already an experienced parent or embarking on the beautiful journey of parenthood for the first time, these new options invite you to create memories that are emotionally fulfilling.

In the world of baby carriers, Boba Bliss is the perfect combo of comfort and style. With Sea Mist and Bloom, this beloved wrap/carrier hybrid becomes a canvas for personal expression and emotional connection. Explore the new options, wrap your baby in the soothing hues of Sea Mist or the soft elegance of Bloom, and redefine the essence of baby carrying. 


Bought this for my wife to use for our newborn and it works great, just takes a little getting used to. The fabric soft and stretchy, so it's comfortable to wear. You just need to make sure that it supports the infants head well. I'm sure that when summer comes the light weight of the fabric will be another plus. We definitely recommend this product!


Verified Purchase

Life saver!!  It is so comfortable for both me and my son.  He wants to be held all the time,  and with this wrap I can do house work while he sleeps in the wrap,  or go for a walk with him.  Now he is a little bigger and I can place him straight up in the wrap, facing outside,  and he loves it!  I have a baby carrier that costs $150,  but not nearly as comfortable as this wrap!  highly recommend it!

Rachel Y.

Verified Purchase

The perfect combination of wrap and carrier. It is comfortable for mom and baby and is easier than a traditional wrap to use. We started using it with our newborn and continue to use it over a year later. I’ve even bought it as a gift for friends who are expecting. It’s that amazing.

Kaitlyn T.

Verified Customer