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An Interview with Dr. Erin Mannen

Posted by Elizabeth Antunovic on

Erin Mannen, PhD, is currently conducting research at University of Arkansas in cooperation with International Hip Dysplasia Institute and Boba so we can better understand babywearing, hip dysplasia and spine development. Here's what she had...

Strollers, Baby Carriers and Infant Stress

Posted by Elizabeth Antunovic on

Table of Contents Infant Spine Development The Stresses of Laying Flat Laying Horizontal Causes Physical Deformities Existence in Containers The Fetal Tuck The Trouble with Car Seats Positive Physical Development Discord with Upright Carrying Swaddling...

The Second Nine Months: Exterogestation and the Need to be Held

Posted by Elizabeth Antunovic on

Table of Contents Introduction Gestation Outside of the Womb: “Exterogestation” Continuing Relation Between Mother and Child Birth Due to Large Head Mother’s Body Regulates Developing Systems Crawling Completes Exterogestation Human Developmental Periods Longer than Apes—Except...

The Way of the West vs the Way of the Rest and How Babywearing Helps

Posted by Dr. Rosie Knowles on

I was privileged enough to recently attend the farewell lecture by Dr Anita Franklin at a British University on the topic of Black Feminism. It was superb; and one of the things I was most...

How Your Baby's Body is Adapted to Being Carried

Posted by Elizabeth Antunovic on

Some mammals leave their babies in hidden places. Other mammalian young, like sheep, are physically developed enough to follow their mothers by themselves right after birth. Don't forget our feathered friends. Quack quack. Our babies...