Erin Kendal: Inspiration Lives Everywhere

Erin Kendal: Inspiration Lives Everywhere

For our Spring/Summer collection for 2023, the first designer that came to mind to create a collection of baby carriers and wraps that emphasises the rejuvenating and awakening essence of these two seasons was Erin Kendal. 

Erin is one of Australia's lead indie surface pattern designers and well renowned in the industry for her use of warm earthy tones and organic lines, creating playful patterns for products and brands all over the world.

Erin has had the confidence to turn her creative hobby into her dream career. Her story is one of passion, creativity and connection. She's lived both as designer and creator and has an astounding list of achievements, such as collaborating with Boba for our Spring/Summer collection - with her design featuring on our products!

Let's start with a little about you - Who is Erin Kendal?

I’m a Sagittarius through and through (honest, independent, social, frank, optimistic, procrastinator, a little fiery at times and of course creative). I’m perpetually tired since becoming a mama in 2016 (who else feels me?) and I’m living on soy lattes.

Where did your creative passion for design work first stem from?

I have always said my mum — she is an amazing artist (she wouldn’t call herself that) and worked as a traditional sign-writer. But I forget that my dad was also creative! He used to make leather handbags and belts and even dabbled in string art (in the 70s).

What most inspires you and how do you bring this into your designs?

I think like every creative, we are inspired by every single thing around us. Our family, nature and even current events.

As a mother, what is your favourite way to unwind at the end of the day?

I don’t unwind… I hop on my computer and work! But — I love it… and often do it with chocolate, ice cream and/or wine!

Erin’s ability to find inspiration everywhere she goes has made this new seasonal collection the perfect must have carriers.