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5 Pros And Cons To Having A Large Family

Posted by Sara Ruperts on

I've been thinking a lot about large family dynamics. With four naturally spaced kids, the age difference gets pretty spread out between the oldest and youngest. Even though two children are seen as average (in...

A Response: The Dangers of "Crying it Out" by Darcia Navaraez

Posted by Sara Ruperts on

“Crying it out.”Just reading the words makes me shudder. The belief that babies can be spoiled by being given too much attention and care is just plain wrong. Babies do not need to be left...

Slow Bone Loss During Breastfeeding: CARRY your baby(ies)!

Posted by Sara Ruperts on

Calcium is typically transferred from your bones to your breast milk when you nurse. The good news is that most women do return to normal calcium levels after weaning their babes. Want to make it...

Reflections on a Challenging Breastfeeding Year

Posted by Sara Ruperts on

I read an article a few years ago... titled Mom’s Passionate Post Is For Every Mother Who Has Struggled To Breastfeed and at first look, a soft flood of compassionate tenderness welled up in my...

Significantly Reduce Breast Cancer Risk By Breastfeeding More Than Two Years

Posted by Sara Ruperts on

In China, nursing a toddler is socially acceptable. It is even perceived as desirable for a woman to nurse her baby for a long time. A study published in the Journal of Epidemiology on lactating...

Breastmilk: No Assembly Required

Posted by Sara Ruperts on

Nursing can take a little while to get the hang of as a new mom but I can not stress enough how much it pays off. Nursing my first child was hard at first because...

A Mother's Adventures in Breastfeeding and Nursing

Posted by Sara Ruperts on

The nursing relationship that I share with my 19-month-old son is precious to my family. Growing up in a rather conservative mid-western environment, I saw women breastfeed their young babies until about six months, but...

Your Baby's Breastfeeding Cues

Posted by Sara Ruperts on

This terrific graphic developed and published by the Women's and Newborn Services of the  Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital (RBWH) offers new mothers and other caregivers a means to identify and meet their baby's hunger...

How a Baby Carrier Makes Summertime Greats Even Greater

Posted by Sara Ruperts on

One of the awesome benefits of using a baby carrier or wrap is doing more together as a family. For a lot of us, getting outside during the summer months is a big part of...