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5 Things I've Learned from Becoming an Expat Mother In Chile

Posted by Heather Philipp on

Last week, I wrote about building mama confidence. A big reason this topic has proved important to me is that I became a mother in a foreign country where my confidence has been especially put...

All Sorts of Things To Do With That Placenta After Birth

Posted by Heather Philipp on

My partner and I took a long road trip to visit friends in the south of Chile last week. They live in the country surrounded by dairy farms and sprouting fields. We visited one of...

Would You Let Someone Else Breastfeed Your Baby?

Posted by Heather Philipp on

A couple weeks back I had a funny dream. I dreamt that I reunited with a friend back in the states (I live in Chile), who was meeting my now one-year-old daughter for the first...

How To Keep Your Back Safe While Babywearing

Posted by Elizabeth Antunovic on

Even the most state of the art baby carrier that has incredible weight distribution may not be enough to keep your back from aching.  We need to remember that we need to be proactively focusing...

Ease Postpartum Depression and Discomfort with Belly Wrapping

Posted by Admin Post on

During my pregnancy, I planned ahead for postpartum support that would benefit my mind, body and spirit. Along with healing and rejuvenation, avoiding postpartum depression and promoting my breastmilk supply were two biggies for me....