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Baby Carrier Quick Tips

  • Extra Pointers

    • Is the carrier material completely covering your kiddo’s back? If the answer is no, loosen the shoulder straps a bit and do a little bounce. That should slide your baby’s bottom further down into the seat of the carrier
    • Adjustability rules with the Boba Carrier. For perfect babywearing posture, adjust the shoulder straps so that your little one is close to your body and you can stand up normally without leaning forward to compensate for baby’s weight.
    • When nursing in the Boba Carrier, loosen the shoulder straps to allow your little one to drop lower in the carrier and latch on with ease (and discreetness).
    • We don’t mess around when it comes to our materials. That’s why the Boba Carrier waist belt buckle is military-grade. To ensure the safest baby-and-me journeys, make sure you hear the buckle click when you put on the carrier.
  • Strap Holders

    • To keep your purse or diaper bag securely in place (you’re welcome, moms), just unsnap the shoulder strap holder, place your purse or diaper bag comfortably on your shoulder, and then re-snap to secure.
    • Have a lot on your shoulders? No problem. The Boba Carrier features shoulder straps on both sides, so you can lock and load bag straps on both sides. Not to mention the design is easy and convenient for both right- and left-handed users.
  • Pockets

    • As a parent, you’ve got a lot to lug around. Phone, credit cards, binkies…not to mention your baby. That’s why the Boba Carrier features a large zipper pocket on the waist belt so you can carry all the little odds and ends right along with your little one.
    • Need quick access to stuff? Underneath the waist belt zipper pocket is another pocket for grab-and-go convenience of smaller items.
    • If two pockets aren’t enough, the Boba Carrier features a third pocket along the top of the carrier. Score. Just remove the sleeping hood and load ‘er up. The pocket even has a zipper to keep your things secure.
  • Sleeping Hood

    • Babies need a lot of sleep, so we built a perfect solution for when they drift off to dreamland in the Boba Carrier. Just pull the removable sleeping hood from the carrier pocket, grab one hood strap, extend it straight up toward the top of your head and secure with a snap. Awesome caution: this may result in longer, more restful naps.
    • You can also use the sleeping hood to protect your child from wild weather—everything from sun protection to rain deflection.
    • The sleeping hood is easily stowed in its own built-in pocket, so you can keep it zipped up and out of your way anywhere you go. You can also unsnap the hood altogether and use the pocket for other storage (see pocket points above).
  • Foot Straps

    • Give your growing tyke (starting at about 1 ½ to 2 years old) some extra leg support with the Boba Carrier removable foot straps.
    • To use, simply thread the strap through the plastic sliding piece and snap so that your child’s thighs are at least parallel to the ground and his or her knees should be pulled up to hip level.
    • Fasten at least two snaps on each foot strap for the safest support.
    • Move the foot straps front to back by sliding the plastic attachment piece along the cording as needed. Note: the sliding buckle may take a few uses to break in, so don’t be discouraged if it needs a little extra tug at first.
    • “Oops moment” avoidance hint: DO NOT remove the plastic adjustment piece. This disables the foot strap system and makes it unusable.
    • Remember to undo the snaps and take your child’s feet out of the foot straps before taking him or her out of the carrier.
  • Washing and Care

    • The Boba Carrier may be machine washable, but that doesn’t mean it’s indestructible. Only washing when necessary will dramatically increase the life of your carrier.
    • For little stains, just spot clean with soap and warm water and air dry.
    • When you need the big-time clean of the washing machine, use a mild detergent and the delicate cycle. Air dry instead of machine dry to be nice to your carrier (and the planet).
    • Say bye-bye to bleach. It’ll ruin the fabric, which would be a massive bummer for you and baby.


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