Meet the Artist Behind our Newest Target Exclusive

Meet the Artist Behind our Newest Target Exclusive

When it comes to design, there are creators who not only craft visually stunning pieces but infuse them with heart and purpose. Meet Aleksandra, a graphic designer who has been with the Boba family since 2018. Beyond her endless creativity, she embodies the essence of modern motherhood, raising two beautiful girls while continuously pushing the boundaries of her craft. 

One of her standout achievements?

The creation of the mesmerizing "Indigo Diamond" print for Boba X, a design that combines bohemian charm with timeless elegance.

We asked Sandra some questions and dove deeper into her creative process and inspirations. We are all more than excited to see her designs grace the shelves of Target, making babywearing an accessible joy for all.

(She has also served as an amazing model, seen in the images below!)

How did you come about creating the Indigo Diamond print?

Crafting the "Indigo Diamond" print was quite the journey!
We wanted something that struck a balance between bohemian charm and timeless elegance. It had to be modern yet carry that Boba whimsical touch that speaks to the soul. So, drawing inspiration from nature's palette and our own adventurous spirits, I experimented with various color combinations and designs until we found the perfect blend. The deep indigo hues symbolize strength, while the intricate diamond patterns add a sense of tranquility and sophistication.
Overall I think it’s a great addition to the Boba X range as that classic timeless design, offering a one-of-a-kind experience for our Target customers.

Where do you draw your inspiration from? 

I have this thing about finding inspiration—it’s more about getting into the groove than anything else. So, I’ll pop on some good music, zone in on the brand I’m working with, and really dig into what it’s all about and who it’s for.

There’s something about that process that just sparks creativity in me. Understanding the client and their customers on a deeper level always gets the ideas flowing. It’s like the perfect recipe for a creative breakthrough.

What would be your best tip for someone just starting in design?

My best tip would be to embrace exploration.
Don’t be afraid to try new things, whether it’s experimenting with different specialties or styles, or diving into passion projects outside of your day job. The first few years of your career are all about discovery, so take the time to figure out what truly excites and inspires you.

And don’t forget, making friends and being nice to people along your design journey is super important. It not only makes them happy to say good things about you and tell others about your work, but it also helps you build a strong support system that can really boost your career.

What makes you excited when you think about your design on the Boba X… IN TARGET!?

I'm genuinely thrilled about the Boba X design being available at Target. It's a significant milestone for the brand. This move not only increases accessibility but also allows more people to experience the quality and features that make Boba X stand out. It feels like a validation of the product's value and opens up opportunities for growth. Plus, seeing it on Target shelves will undoubtedly bring a sense of pride and accomplishment.

Looking ahead, I envision moms wearing my designs and experiencing the same special bond I have with my girls.

Babywearing has been a game-changer for me, allowing me to quickly navigate through the city and have my hands free for those hectic days when I just couldn’t put my little ones down.

I wish all mothers and parents could experience this convenience and closeness that babywearing brings.

It is clear to us here that Aleksandra’s passion and dedication go beyond her profession.
From the creation of the "Indigo Diamond" print to the exhilarating moment of its debut at Target, her commitment to Boba always shines through.
Through her designs, she not only contributes in improving the lives of parents but fosters a sense of connection and empowerment. Here's to Aleksandra, a true Boba mama, transforming dreams into reality one great idea at a time.


This is exactly what I was looking for. It’s light weight, basic, and made of a rain coat type material. I plan to use this in the pool this summer for my 10 month old when juggling my other two.


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This is our favorite carrier we’ve used. It’s so much lighter than any other carrier we’ve used and baby girl loves it!


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Perfect baby carrier for us. It's lightweight but still supportive. It has a nice, good look to it. It's also practically made and the zipper/pocket storage is great. Also, I can take this anywhere with us because it's compact.


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