Top 10 Activities Benefited By Babywearing

Top 10 Activities Benefited By Babywearing

It seems like every parent I know, myself included, is trying to get more out of their days, to stretch time to get it all in. Well, here at Boba, we have the secret that everyone has been looking for, and we are very glad to share.

The secret is babywearing.

Babywearing (using a baby carrier or wrap) allows you to get it all done while deepening the bond between you and your children. Here are 10 ways to move through your day together.

Whether it is for groceries, or to celebrate getting into a size that makes you smile, moving through the aisles with your little one comfortably in a baby wrap or baby carrier means your hands are free to find the deals. And a carrier means never needing to leave a stroller outside the store, or worst yet, having to manoeuvre it around store displays and other shoppers.

Getting it done around the house is often a two-handed job. Free them up for washing dishes, vacuuming and the rest by wearing your little one close. Now that my son is 13 months, he likes to help by chasing the vacuum around the room and retracting the cord, but for many of the early months he would nap peacefully while I moved around the house.

I love walking and hiking with my son in our Boba Carrier. For longer distances, I am more comfortable with him on my back, but when we are just out for a mosey, I like to wear him on the front. Having him snuggled up on my chest means that we can stop to explore together: a leafy tree, the ducks splashing in the creek and saying hello to others we might meet out on our walk. Having him close to me, and sharing at eye level, means that we can greet it all, new and old, together.

Dancing around the living room while babywearing makes dips and spins even more fun. Carrying your child while singing and playing with new sounds like humming and whistling allows them to feel the vibration in your body and theirs, as well as offering a close-up to study and learn from your face.

As a momma, I have my ways to settle my little one into a restful sleep, but wearing our son for our nighttime walks is my husband’s way. Carriers that keep your babe resting inward against your own body offers them a closeness to the heart, breathing and voice that puts them most at ease. Carriers are awesome for sharing sleep-time closeness for papas and their little ones.

When I was pregnant, I rubbed and rubbed my belly, so much so that my family still jokes about it with me. And no, I was not expecting a genie at the end of all that rubbing; I just loved my growing belly and the little person who was sharing those sacred months of pregnancy with me. Wearing my son on my front offers up a little of that precious sweetness that we both enjoy. I still rub (and rub) his back and booty while he snuggles in close to me.

When you are out and about as a family, wearing your nursing on your front means you have the opportunity to create a quiet and comfortable place to breastfeed, where ever you happen to be. Here is a short video to show you how.

Wise mothers know, and science supports, that settling your little love onto you, belly to belly, skin to skin, helps to soothe a sick belly and promote a quicker return to wellness. Using a wrap or carrier means you can do this longer and more comfortably for both of you. Watch for a future Boba blog post on the physiology behind this awesome parenting tool that both mothers and fathers can use with their babies and young children.

Rolling through the airport with your babe on your back means your hands are free for boarding passes and pulling your bag. And once you arrive, where ever you arrive, wearing your child is a fantastic way to get out and explore while keeping your little love safe and both of you comfortable.

Wearing your baby means sharing your day, your views, your hugs with others, your walking pace, your routines—-all the things that make up your day. When you are sharing a life together, you are offering beneficial learning opportunities, big and small, to your child. Every stir of the spoon, every color named out loud is done in sharing, and this is a great benefit to both of you.


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