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All Feelings Are Valid

Posted by Sara Ruperts on

All feelings are valid. This seems like an obvious statement, but in our busy lives as parents, it's easy to forget to respect our children's feelings. As we're a team of parents behind the Boba...

International Travel: 10 Tips to Traveling With a Baby

Posted by Sara Ruperts on

As a family with the “adventure bug,” I will admit that having a baby put us in a bit of an upside-down state. Gone were the days of randomly getting in the car and getting...

5 Ways to Work Wildflowers Into Your Summer Baby Shower

Posted by Sara Ruperts on

PaletteWhile common baby shower floral motifs tend towards all pinks and purples and are often reserved for girl babies, the wildflower palette strikes out in all directions and lends itself well to gender-neutral celebrations. From...

How to Wear Your Stretchy Baby Wrap Correctly: Spread that Fabric

Posted by Elizabeth Antunovic on

The Boba wrap feels unlike any other wrap out there. Blended with the highest qualiuty French Terry and a touch of spandex. you'll find that our wrap forms around you and your baby like the...

How Not to Hurt Your Back When Using a Carrier or Wrap

Posted by Sara Ruperts on

Even the most state-of-the-art baby carrier that has incredible weight distribution may not be enough to keep your back from aching. The trick is to remember that you need to be proactively focusing on keeping...