Tips for Stress- Free Tandem Babywearing

Tips for Stress- Free Tandem Babywearing

You've got babywearing DOWN, and are ready to go that one step further?

What that one step further might be, you ask?

Well, as any babywearing mama would agree, babywearing is the savior of naps, the reliever of hands & the ultimate contraption for infinite cuddles - but it often comes down to having one child (at a time) enjoy all the benefits.
What if we told you there is a way for you to safely babywear TWO of your babes (moms of more than 2 under 4 —we're looking at you)?

The answer is TANDEM BABYWEARING, yes, that means wearing TWO babies at the same time —one in the front and one on your back!
If you're keen to try it out, here are a few tips for a stress-free tandem carry from experienced mamas here at Boba:

1. Carrier Combinations

Using 2 carriers, one adjustable soft structured carrier like the Boba X and one light carrier like the Boba Air with thinner straps is ideal as this means you can layer the shoulder straps one on top of each other without it becoming bulky, however, using two structured carriers with padded shoulder straps works just as well.

PRO TIP: Use the purse straps on your Boba X or Boba 4Gs to secure the shoulder straps of your other carrier!

If you're using a wrap for one of your babies, make sure you tie that on first as you can pop your babe in and out without having to untie the wrap or unclip anything. even while your toddler naps on your back!

2. How to choose who goes where?

If you're using two soft structured carriers with buckles, we recommend putting the eldest child on last as they are more likely to want to be put down (we all know the up, down, up, down game toddlers love to play). That way, your younger one can stay in the carrier unbothered as their carrier sits under the one of the older babe.

If you're using the wrap, that will automatically decide its positioning as the wrap goes on the front and can easier support smaller/younger babies. Once the wrap is on, we recommend adjusting your bigger babe onto your back before popping your littlest one in the wrap —makes for a smoother less stressful adjustment as you can easily perform the hip scoot or even the "walk like the Egyptian" maneuver.

PRO TIP: make sure to lie the wrap reins on your back as flush & spread out as possible to make sure both you and your bigger babe on your back are super comfortable and not bothered by the potentially scrunched up fabric.

3. Don’t forget!

  • Make sure both children are properly supported from knee to knee in the seat of the carrier & positioned ergonomically —remember the pelvic tuck!
  • Be mindful of your littlest babe and their airways being clear of any obstructions.
  • Plan ahead to avoid any stressful situations when out and about - even better, try it out at home a few times first!

4. EXTRA tried & tested advice
Straight from our Bobawearing Love Group moms:

"The Boba Air is AWESOME for an impromptu “emergency” tandem carry - it’s super easy to have on hand and makes a great bottom carrier due to the thinner straps!"

— Ana

"Be patient with yourself when tandem-wearing! I was nervous at first and would only wear them when I had another adult around to help and maybe only for 10 minutes at a time. But within 2 months, I could get them both in and out without help and was even able to accomplish a 3-mile hike tandem-wearing!"

— Alex

We hope this has helped you work up the courage to try the tandem carry for yourself. If you have any more questions be sure to email us at and we'll help you in any way we can.


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