Giving Back

Boba is proud to support non-profit groups that embrace and share in the same belief, that babywearing is the ultimate way to connect parent and child. Venturing out to these local organizations and meeting the moms (and dads!) directly has been one of the most rewarding things we have ever been a part of. Here is a list of just some of the organizations we support.


A Denver-based nonprofit working hard to improve the lives of local families in need. Weecycle collects and matches essential baby gear to families through partner organizations focused on alleviating poverty, homelessness, domestic violence, teen pregnancy and under-employment. By “weecycling” baby gear, they help keep children clean and safe and contribute to a healthier environment for their future.

Leah Jeffries & Linda Dunn at a 2017 Weecycle Event

Hope House of Colorado

Hope House empowers parenting teenage moms to strive for personal and economic self-sufficiency and to understand their significance in God’s sight, resulting in a healthy future for them, and for their children. After a visit to demo and donate wraps and carrier, our Project Manager Bethany had this to say, “This was definitely an eye opening visit, as I haven't been around too many teen moms. Seeing the support they receive from Hope House was truly amazing, they are being proactive in getting the support they need to be the best mamas.”

Florence Crittenton Services

A nonprofit that educates, prepares, and empowers teen mothers and their children to become productive members of the community. They have been serving Metro Denver since 1893. The transition back to school after maternity leave can be difficult for many new mothers at Florence Crittenton. A new pilot program aims to make this transition easier by allowing new mothers to bring their newborns, up to 4 months old, into select classes with carriers generously donated by Boba.  Allison, a junior at Florence Crittenton, loves bringing her two-month old daughter to Study Skills class. She says "having my daughter in class with me allows me to keep her close. She is more calm because she feels my body heat."

Denver Health’s Newborns in Need

A program that benefits every single family that delivers at Denver Health. Financially struggling families often must choose between diapers or groceries, so gifts help give them a great start and make life sweeter for some of Denver’s tiniest and most vulnerable citizens. After a visit to drop off wraps and carriers to new mamas, Boba’s Social Media Manager Alyson said “Today I got to share the practice of babywearing with *brand new* mamas, hold their fresh little babes and witness total empowerment. Then my heart exploded into a million pieces. I love my job. The end.”

Alyson de Recat teaching a new mom at Denver Health how to use her Boba Wrap

Mother House

Mother House provides a safe haven for pregnant women who are at risk. They are committed to protecting their unborn children, providing a nurturing and loving home, and encouraging them to build the confidence and the skills necessary for a successful future. Boba volunteered with Mother House to gift wrap presents over the holiday season and our Operations Manager Matt had this to say after the evening of gift wrapping, “On a personal note, I was born to a single mom. I saw how hard she struggled to make ends meet and I can't imagine her having to do that while homeless or in an abusive relationship. Helping out felt great and my highlights were all of the interesting interactions we had with people. This experience reaffirmed my belief that most people want to help but they don't always know how...we just provided an opportunity and made it fun.”

The Boba Team wrapping holiday gifts for Mother House in Boulder, CO
Bethany O’Donnell fitting a mom in her new Boba Carrier at Hope House
Allison, a junior at Florence Crittenton, with her two-month old daughter

Warren Village

A non-profit that supports low income single parent families in their goals to achieve personal and economic self-sufficiency—and to sustain it. Single parents living at Warren Village are dedicated to improving their lives and creating a better future for their children and themselves.

Warren Village resident and mom, trying on her new Boba Carrier

Because of your growing support, we are able to give back. We are blessed to have the opportunity to touch so many lives each day.

With each parent we reach, another bond is enhanced.

Linda Dunn Boba Relationship Manager



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